Welcome to Avondy!

This guide helps you through the first steps of opening your store, shares tips on how to get a strong start, and provides resources for further guidance along the way.

Get to know Avondy

Avondy is a unique marketplace for women-owned businesses to sell products or services to shoppers. On Avondy.com, you’ll find a community of small-business owners and shoppers who all share a passion for small businesses.

If you’re new to Avondy, take some time to get to know us. Review our seller agreement and learn about fees for selling on Avondy to make sure that selling on Avondy is right for you and your business.

Open your store

Before you create your store, sign in or create an Avondy account. You’ll use this account to run your store and to buy from other small businesses on Avondy. After creating your account, add your store logo and banner to let other people in the Avondy community know who you are.

To open your Avondy store click here or visit https://avondy.com/vendor-register/

Do I need a business license to sell on Avondy?

Avondy doesn’t require sellers to have a business license to sell on Avondy.

However, when selling on Avondy you’re required to follow any laws that apply to you as a small business selling online. If you have any questions regarding which laws apply to you, please contact a qualified professional.

Finish your store setup

Once you’ve signed up to sell on Avondy, there are a few steps you need to take to complete your store setup and prepare to start selling items. Like any online business, you should think through key factors in your selling workflow. Consider things like production time, policies, and your plan for shipping.

Key store elements to address:

  • Banner and store logo: Upload clear photos that represent the style of your brand and make a strong first impression on shoppers.
  • Store announcement: Share a brief welcome message with shoppers.
  • About section: Upload videos or photos and share the story behind your products, how your business came to be, and what your vision is for your brand.
  • Store members: Introduce any other members of your team or people you collaborate with.
  • Store policies: Outline all your policies for shipping, returns, exchanges, payments, custom items, or any other guidelines that are important for shoppers to know before they make a purchase.

Add listings to your store

Once you’ve completed all your store sections, you are ready to start adding products to your Avondy store.

Marketing, branding, and promotion

  • A marketing strategy is key to the success of your Avondy store. Marketing will help new customers find your products, lets you existing customers up to date with the latest with your store, and can lead to an overall rise in sales.
  • Tips for getting started with marketing:
  • Make sure you’re optimizing your store for Avondy search. Make sure to add your location so that your store can be found in local searches.
  • Link your store to your social media accounts so you can easily craft posts about your business.
  • Consider marketing your store through paid advertising.

Consider offering discounts to incentivize shoppers to buy with sales and coupons.

Find a local craft fair or market where you can sell your goods.

The Avondy marketplace connects people looking for unique goods with small businesses around the world.

It is your responsibility to make sure your store and its items are compliance with Avondy’s policies. Before buying or selling on Avondy, please review our Seller Agreement.

Prohibited items

  • Several types of items are prohibited from being sold on Avondy, including:
  • Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, drug paraphernalia, and medical drugs
  • Certain animal products and human remains
  • Dangerous items, including hazardous materials, recalled items, and weapons
  • Hate items, including items that promote, support, or glorify hatred
  • Illegal items, items promoting illegal activity, and highly regulated items
  • Internationally regulated items
  • Pornography and mature content
  • Violent items, including items that promote, support, or glorify violence

Listings that violate Avondy’s Intellectual Property Policy

As a venue, Avondy isn’t in a position to offer legal advice or determine whether your store content infringes someone else’s intellectual property.

If you’re not sure if your item(s) infringe someone’s intellectual property, you can contact the intellectual property owner or consult an attorney.

If Avondy receives proper notice of intellectual property infringement, we will comply with our policy and remove the specified material.

Metaphysical services or items

Metaphysical services, such as reiki and spell casting, are prohibited on Avondy. With this in mind, tarot or psychic readings that include a physical or digital copy of said readings (e.g., a recording, email, or tarot spread photo) may be sold on Avondy.

Supplies related to spell work, such as herbs, crystals, candles, and tinctures, may be sold on Avondy as long as they are not listed with metaphysical claims.

What happens if I find a listing that violates Avondy’s policies?

You can report a listing that appears to violate our policies by contacting avondy@globalacn.org . Avondy may review and/or remove any listings that violate our policies.

Yes. Avondy has a built-in product CSV importer and exporter.

Import, export or update hundreds or thousands of products or services in your Avondy store with a single CSV. This tool supports all product and service types, including variations.

  • First-time store owners get started more quickly by exporting and importing products during setup.
  • Existing store owners can update tens or hundreds of products with new info or place them on sale, or sync multiple storefronts.

Click here to learn more about uploading and exporting projects.


Welcome to selling on Avondy! This guide will walk you through setting up your store and adding your first listings.

To start opening your Avondy store:

  1. Click Vendor Registration to get started
  2. Complete the Vendor registration form
  3. Start the Store setup wizard
  4. Upload your store Avatar and banner.
  5. Choose your store name, then click Save and continue.

Choose your store name

Choose a memorable name that reflects your style. Store names must meet the following requirements:

  • 4-20 characters in length
  • No spaces or special characters
  • No profanity
  • Not already in use by an existing Avondy member
  • Does not infringe on another’s trademark

Stock your store

Add product listings to your store—you’re almost ready for your big store debut.

 Setup how you’ll get paid

Enter bank information for direct deposit payments. Money will be deposited into this account.

Open your store

When you finish all the sections, click complete. You’ll always be able to make changes to your store after it’s open.

The web address to get to your store will be:

  • https://www.avondy.com/stop/yourshopname