25 May

How to Create an Appointable Service on Avondy

Appointment scheduling made easy. Dump old appointments books and excel sheets. Learn how to create appointable services or products on Avondy. https://avondy.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/how-to-create-an-appointable-service-on-avondy-replay-2020-05-25.mp4
10 May
Avondy, Lifestyle

Wake Up With Avondy

Wake up on Time Waking up on time (or even early) is critical to starting your day positively. It will give you space and time to complete your morning routines. ...
09 May
Avondy, Lifestyle

How to Make Money on Avondy

Find your passion and make a living from it! Creativity and passion aren’t enough to succeed on Avondy, an online marketplace dedicated women-owned small businesses. Here are other factors to consider...
16 Apr

Avondy: Our Story

We’ve looked at the past and we see the future! The future is: Women-owned Small Businesses. We are the ambassadors of women-owned small businesses. We love elevating and empowering women regardless...